HD Media Group

HD Media Group
Primoschgasse 3, 9020 Klagenfurt

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HD Media Group

HD Media Group in the heart of Klagenfurt offers all the services of a professional film and sound studio – productions for companies that value quality.

HD Media Group – Cooperation with the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences

The HD Media Group is now also active in the field of university education. Through the cooperation with the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences, synergies are congenially bundled: The practical and theoretical know-how of (CEO and co-developer of the new multimedia technology course) Hubert Dobrounig as an expert in the field of film and sound technology, as well as the infrastructural conditions of the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences make the new course of studies possible in two study models (full-time and part-time). This is a complete novelty, as it makes the HD Media Group a trend-setter in the field of new media for Carinthia as a business and educational location.

As an important partner and part of the study program, HD Media Group will play a major role in the technical, theoretical and practical training of the students in audio & video engineering. In the practical modules, the students will use the laboratory studios in Klagenfurt for training and will learn there under realistic and modern conditions. The goal and advantage of this cooperation is that the future graduates will benefit from the many years of comprehensive experience, which is always up to date in all media productions of the HD Media Group.